Dan's Tools Section

In my blog or "How-To" Guides I will continue to reference different tools that I used to complete certain tasks.

I don't officially endorse any specific products but you will realize that I have some "favorites" and I am not afraid to specifically call them out as I have had very good experiences with each and I feel that it's important to show you exactly what I am working with so you are using the correct tools. I am by no means a "professional" renovator: I am a project manager for the best commercial general contractor in Denver but as mentioned in the "about" section I am typically stuck in the office most of the time… so you will find that the tools I own are quality tools but by no means out of the price range of any typical DIY remodeler. I am also not a "big spender" (i.e. I am thrifty) so I try and find the best value for my money. Feel free to browse my "Tools Directory" to find out about tools that I recommend owning or I will also provide a direct link from my blog or "How-To" Guides to show you exactly what I am using. If you have any questions or comments about the tools I am using you can always shoot me an e-mail!