Master Bathroom Renovation

The first renovation project that I decided to tackle in my Denver condo was my master bathroom. Let's start with what I had to begin with:

- Plastic Laminate Countertop with Porcelain Sink and Chrome Faucet with Plastic Handle

- Sheet Vinyl - 4 Layers of it to be exact dating back to 1981!

- Typical White Ceramic Dal-Tile for Shower Area and "apartment grade" shower/tub fixtures

- Oak Base Cabinet

- AND Finally, the nice "80's" Vanity light fixture that people used to love so much back in the day

So I came up with my plan to renovate the bathroom:

1. Sheet Vinyl HAD to go.. Even if the look was bearable after some minor investigation it was obvious that between the 3rd and 4th layer of vinyl were the PERFECT conditions for mold to grow. I decided to replace the sheet vinyl with 12" slate tiles

2. Second was the P-Lam countertop - it actually didn't look bad but it still had to go.. I found a pre-fabricated granite vanity top from a flooring store in the area to replace the P-Lam top

3. Then I knew that the white tile needed to go and I ended up replacing all of the plumbing fixtures with Moen satin nickel fixtures. Found online and they sell pretty much any plumbing fixture cheaper then typical retail store pricing.

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4. I ended up changing out the vanity lights with a nice satin nickel fixture, raised it up some on the wall, and replaced my "surface-mounted" medicine cabinet (that looked just as bad as the vanity lights) with a normal un-framed mirror.

5. Finally I ended up re-painting everything from white semi-gloss throughout to a bright white ceiling with a light gray walls. Since I painted this my lovely fiance has since trumped my color decision and I am planning on starting "Round 2" of painting shortly.

My first "hands-on" remodeling experience with the bathroom was definitely a time-consuming and learning experience and I will be going through some "lessons learned" in a future update.

Thanks and feel free to contact me with any comments and/or concerns E-Mail Dan's Pros! Keep Building!- Dan

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