DIY Do It Yourself "How-To" Remodel Guide

How to Repair and Patch Drywall

Drywall repairs depend on how big the hole is or the nature of the hole (round, on a straight wall, on a corner, etc…). I will separate it into three scenarios – small, medium, and large.

How To Repair a Small Drywall Hole (Up to an Inch):

1. Get some drywall mud (Sheetrock All Purpose Joint Compound) and apply it into and onto the hole with a putty knife (Hyde 4" Putty Knife). If it is a straight wall just scrape it smooth or let it be a little thicker than the edge of the wall so you can sand it smooth later.

2. Let it dry for a number of hours, depending on the size of the hole you may need to wait overnight.

3. After the patch is dry, sand it smooth.

See Step 9 to continue the repair by texturing and painting.