Are you a Contractor? was established because as an employee of a Denver general contractor and a residential remodeler himself, Dan realized that there are a number of quality residential contractors who may not be reaching their potential customer base because of the lack of a good presence on the web. This can be caused by either not having a company website, not having a website that can be searched for effectively, or by homeowners not having a "single source" where they can look for any trade themselves. is different than the other "remodel" websites because we believe that a homeowner should have access to a free directory that contains only reputable, local contractors, and that the homeowners should have direct access to the contractor. Other websites charge the customer for access to the contractors or charge the contractors for access to the customers, and then act as a "middleman" between the homeowner and contractor but believes in only putting the contractor and homeowner in touch. It is our goal to connect homeowners and contractors and we are not going to limit the numer of good contractors on our directory by charging to join.

So how will help your business grow?

Step 1

Having a website is vital for your company. It will give your customers a personal view of your company, including your specialties, your past experience, references from past customers, and pictures of your work. If you already have a website, great! If you a happy with your site and it properly represents your company then please go down to step 2.

If you don't yet have a website then has a basic website setup that will allow you to display your craftsmanship and work in (5) pages (including an intro page). This is a very professional and easy setup to give your company a presence on the web! Please visit our Website Page and send Dan a request for more information and we can help get you setup!

Step 2

Once your website is established, or if you opt to not get a website right now, the next step is to join the directory! Our directory is FREE, just send Dan a note through this website and we will work to get you setup as soon as possible! Once our customers find us on the web then there is a great chance that they will find you! We will randomnize the order of the contractors in the directory and stress that each homeowner should choose 2-3 contractors for quotes to give you the best chance to show them what you can do! If they do choose your company they will then have a chance to fill out some pre-selected "rating" categories in order to pass the word that you are a great company to work with!

Please note that in order for to maintain a list of preferred contractors we ask that all contractors fill out your information on the next page and we will contact you when you are up and running! is completely free for both homeowners and contractors! We are trying to expand the site in Denver and then in other markets! Please click HERE to get started today!

So Why Join the directory when there are a few other options out there? We have done all that we can in order to optimize the search results for our directory and for all of our customers. As the "Yellow Book" and the "Business Pages" are continually being phased out, people will turn to the internet for all of their needs and will be the first place they turn to as the number one search engine on the internet. is currently ranked high on numerous home contractor searches and the amount of traffic being pointed toward will drive customers to your business!