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You will typically call a construction company to work on concrete in Denver for one of 2 different categories:

1.Flatwork Concrete - Consists of any concrete outside of your home in your landscaping such as a patio, driveway, or sidewalk.

2.Structural Concrete - This is a lot less typical unless you are doing an addition to your house or need to repair a concrete foundation, etc... if this is the case please call a structural engineer first before partaking in any major structural work to make sure it doesn't fall down! typical concrete in this category would be concrete foundations, caissons, structural deck, or "slab on grade" concrete inside of the building.

We will typically give you names of flatwork concrete contractors but a lot of them do both so ask them what they specialize in.

Picking a Concrete Company

There are a LOT of concrete companies in Denver (and not necessarily a lot of GREAT companies) so here's some advice in choosing a concrete company in Denver:

1. Ask at Least 3 Companies for Prices

This is important as you need to let the companies be a "check and balance" against themselves. Get three prices so you know if 1 of the companies is abnormally low or abnormally high.

2. Ask to See their Previous Work

A lot of the better companies will be proud to show off their work and you can get an idea of how much experience they have by seeing some of their past workmanship. It also helps to see how their work will last 5-10 year down the road!

3. Ask for References

Similar to #2, you can gain a lot from previous customers of the concrete company. Sometimes you don't even need to call them just the fact that they can produce a number of references upon asking is a good enough indicator that they keep their customers happy.

4. Ask Them to Give you a Lump Sum Price

Many people get the "short end of the stick" with concrete construction companies if they don't set a firm price with them up front. Don't "pay them for their hours" or as we call it in the biz on a "time and material" basis. Hold them to a firm price up front, with specific parameters such as how thick the concrete will be, what strength concrete they will be using, what reinforcing (#4 or #5 rebar, or Welded Wire Mesh, fiber mesh, etc...) if it's colored, stained or stamped, how big of a patio or driveway area are they going to pour, and how long is it going to take? The best part about a lump sum price is they it's in their best interest to complete it as quickly as possible so you won't typically have to worry about that one.

5. Payment Schedule

This is very important for construction projects in general... If any Denver concrete company asks for a big chunk of money up front that MAY be a red flag. Concrete is a little bit different because the material costs so much, but in general, do not the majority of the money until the majority of of the work is complete. If you want to be safe about it you can pay for the material up front but see if you can pay the supplier directly. If it's a BIG project, it's standard practice to hold a "retainer" of 10% of the total price until EVERYTHING is complete.

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