Condo Project

5 years ago I decided to move out my sister's basement and get a real place for myself. My search for the perfect place took only about two weekends with my family's long-time real estate agent Fritz Meisen (Head here for a good Denver real estate agent). The search took only about two weekends! We went to a number of house and duplexes throughout the city. I saw some great houses that had potential but by the end of the first weekend I realized that location was everything and I wanted to live in the center of the action.

The second weekend I started seeing more what I was looking for: Great places in big buildings right in the center and around downtown. Upon arriving at the last condo for the day I realized that the condo wasn't exactly for me. When leaving the condo, however, we saw a HUGE sign for condos right across the street! Upon entering the sales office we went over the large number of units still available and I was able to take a look at a few different options that day.

After weighing my options and looking at the available properties I decided on my perfect unit! 2 Bed, 2 Bath, corner unit on an upper floor, brand new carpet, brand new paint, and a couple of upgrades that I got from the builder and I was finally in my perfect place! Here was the catch: In my great planning and thinking ahead I decided that instead of taking all of the builder options offered to me at the time of the sale I took the unit "as-is" and planned to complete everything myself! Thus begins my trials and tribulations on a complete wall-to-wall remodel within my unit.