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You can hire Denver asphalt construction companies to do a number of different projects for you. A properly maintained driveway can typically last for at least 10 years and most likely more than that. However, as most driveways are not actually "maintained" properly, you can sometimes see excessive cracking on the surface or "stripping" of the top layer of asphalt as traffic continues to flow over the years. The following tasks can be done to help maintain your driveway or I have even given a couple of tips if you need to "redo" a failing driveway

Driveway Crack Sealing

- This is the most inexpensive method to maintain your driveway and is probably the most popular for "Do-It-Yourselfers" - you can typically pick up a 5 gallon bucket from your local home improvement store and then target all of the visible cracks. You can also hire an asphalt contractor do this work but you might as well have him price out to sealcoat your driveway as well as it may not be much more expensive by the time they get out there.

Driveway Seal Coating

- IF your driveway does not have structural problems (i.e. major cracks and/or major chunks breaking apart from your driveway) then one option to refinish your asphalt driveway is to sealcoat it. This is done A LOT in parking lots to give them a new look and can be done at your drieway as well! It basically consists of a seal coat contractor prepping your driveway (by sweeping, filling in cracks, and cleaning if necessary) and then spraying a layer of liquid asphalt on top of your driveway. Again, IF you don't have structural issues with your drive the result ALMOST looks like a new driveway as the top layer of liquid asphalt typically always fails or strips before anything else so you are basically replacing the layer of asphalt that sees the most "action" rather than redoing the whole depth of your drieway!

Replace Your Asphalt Driveway

- If the damage is already done then you will have to go with a full asphalt driveway replacement. This will be the most expensive option but sometimes it will be the necessary option as filling up cracks is just throwing money away if half of your driveway is breaking apart or if there are "spider-web" cracks throughout your entire driveway.

If you do have to replace your driveway here are some tips to follow when talking with a potential Denver asphalt contractor:

Dan's Tip #1 - Check the Subgrade!

- This is Tip #1 for a reason, asphalt is designed to be a "flexible" pavement so it really depends how compacted the soil or rock base is underneath the asphalt. If you really want to get a good driveway we typically put down up to an 8" thick gravel base when doing commercial work before we put down the asphalt in order to provide a stable "foundation" upon which to lay the asphalt. This is an option for driveways as well. The up-front cost will certainly be higher but if you are planning on staying in your home for a long time then this will most likely save you some money in the long run!

Dan's Tip #2 - Check the Drainage!

- This is very important to inspect in order to maximize the life of your driveway. Take a look at your existing driveway, especially the location of the cracks. If your driveway has poor drainage the "damaged" sections of the driveway will typically be located exactly where the puddles form during a rainshower! Standing water on your driveway is a recipe for disaster, expecially if you are in cold environments (like Denver) where the freeze/thaw cycles take place during the winter. Bad drainage on your driveway will SIGNIFICANTLY decrease it's life span and if you are replacing or paving a new driveway you must confirm that you have AT LEAST a 1% slope everywhere on your driveway or there will be a risk of problem areas later on. Remember, if you can avoid replacing your driveway every 5 years and can just seal it or put a layer of sealcoat onto your driveway instead, you will save a LOT of money over the years!

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